Adiva Story

Unveil Magical Moments with Adiva Tea


Whether it is a reflection on a beautiful memory or a tête-à-tête with your favorite person, a cup of Adiva tea will keep you spellbound with the wonders of the finest and freshest teas originated in the paradise island Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Each sip of Adiva tea is pure joy, artisan crafted with the perfect blend of structure, texture and complexity to unleash the hidden marvels of Ceylon (Sri Lankan) tea.

Adiva brings a collection of expertly blended signature teas which are packed at its origin to preserve freshness and quality. The premium teas are packed in luxury pyramid bags giving leaves plenty of room to unfurl and infuse. The teas are made with skillfully crafted leaves from clean growing regions in Sri Lanka and blended with exhilarating flavors and aromas to create magic in each sip.



Adiva was founded in Sri Lanka with the mission to source, blend, preserve and serve the world’s finest teas. Selecting the best leaves from prime harvest seasons, each of our teas are carefully processed to preserve their freshness, unique character and exceptional taste.



Our core beliefs are to do fair trade, ethical business and give back to the community. Our teas are created with a commitment to safe working conditions and the fair treatment of workers throughout our supply chain. We are committed to environmentally responsible materials and manufacturing processes. Our tea bags are made from plastic-free filter paper and packaged in recyclable boxes.


CSR Activities

We share our success with the grassroots of tea industry, the underprivileged “line workers” by supporting their children’s education, caring for the well-being of retired tea workers & and protecting the environment. Non-profit donations enable us to give back to the community and amplify our impact.

We cultivate direct relationships with farmers, producers, and suppliers, and use ingredients that originate from trusted sources verified through a strict code of conduct. We guarantee the integrity, quality and character of the tea from the moment the leaves are plucked to the moment they reach the cup.

We believe that loose-leaf tea is the key to the fine tea experience, and our current offering demonstrates just how full of character tea can be. Adiva also produces some of the finest tea bags you’ll find. Our Luxury Tea Pyramids combines the convenience of a tea bag with the quality of whole leaf – all packaged in the most exquisite boxes.