Kandy Black Tea

In the Kandy district, where the industry began in 1867, the teas produced are described as “mid-grown” as cultivation does not exceed 1,300 m. They range in flavor depending on the altitude and whether the plantation is sheltered from monsoon winds. All are particularly flavorsome. Kandy teas produce a bright infusion with a coppery tone, and are strong and intensely full-bodied.

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Ingredients : 100% Pure Ceylon Black Tea

Caffeine Level : Medium

Grade : BOP

Net weight : 150g / 5.3 OZ – Loose leaf

Unit Dimensions : 85x50x130mm (WxDxH)

Units per Case : 6

FOB Cost :

Sugg. MRP :

MOQ : 5000

Product Code : 1001-RG

Barcode : 4792177007093